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Baths by Roper Rhodes

Welcome to Roper Rhodes comprehensive collection of bathtubs, designed to cater to every style and practical requirement. Whether you're looking to create a luxurious spa-like retreat or maximise space in a compact bathroom, their range of bathtubs offers the perfect solution.


Explore diverse styles and find the perfect bath to transform your bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary.

Visit the Sapcote showroom today and begin designing your dream bathroom. 

Roper Rhodes Paradigm Bath Debright Tiles & Bathrooms Leicester
Roper Rhodes Bath Widcombe Debright Tiles & Bathrooms Leicester

 Slipper Bath 

Make a statement with stunning slipper baths and transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation and luxury. Elevate your bathing ritual and embrace the indulgence you deserve.

Slipper baths are more than just a functional fixture—they are an exquisite addition that adds character and elegance to your space.

Pair with chrome, brass, nickel or matt black brassware, depending on your design preferences.

Back To Wall Baths

From the front, back-to-wall baths maintain to the look of a freestanding bath but have the practicality of a corner bath being able to sit flush to the wall.

Back-to-wall baths also feature a handy ledge, that can be used to display bath products or make the ideal candle holder.

Roper Rhodes Bath Note Debright Tiles & Bathrooms Leicester
Roper Rhodes Bath Note Debright Tiles & Bathrooms Leicester

Double Ended Baths

Double ended Note bath offers a practical back to wall configuration, with all the comfort and luxury of a freestanding bath tub.


Ensure a relaxing soak, even in the smallest of spaces.

Roll Top Baths

Roll top baths are available in a range of configurations, from a slipper bath with an arced design.

Boat baths feature a skirted edge to compliment traditional detailing.

Visit in store today to see our range of roll top baths on display. 

Roper Rhodes Bath Harrow Debright Tiles & Bathrooms Leicester

Corner Baths

Roper Rhodes Note Debright Tiles & Bathrooms Leicester

Corner baths maintain the elegance of a freestanding bath while maximising space and coordinating beautifully with a shower system of your choice.


Corner Baths are specifically designed for bathrooms for any small space, making them the perfect choice for a family bathroom where a bath and shower are required.

Single Ended Baths

Roper Rhodes collection of single-ended baths provides an alternative option when choosing a freestanding bath.

The fluid shape of a single-ended bath is defined by the elevated end, which allows for ultimate comfort when relaxing.

No matter your style, single-ended baths are available in traditional styling in the Widcombe collection of baths, or if you are looking for a modern style, the Paradigm and Note single ended baths provide a sleek style.

Roper Rhodes Bath Paradigm Debright Tiles & Bathrooms Leicester

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Any prices contained in this publication are RRP prices. Please call us on 01455 273333 for a personalised quote, alternatively send us an enquiry on our contact us page or visit in-store.


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