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Visit our store today to collect all of the materials and tools you need to start your home project. 

We also offer competitive prices for 'traders', and are proud to have a very loyal trader base, who use our services for all of their tiling needs. 

browse below for a selection of the tools and materials we have to offer. Alternatively call our customer services team to enquire about the products we stock in store. 


At our Sapcote store we stock a range of adhesives to secure your tiles. Our ranges include:


ProFlex SPES (standard set) in white.

ProFlex SP (rapid set) in grey and white and grey.

ProFlex s2 (fibre reinforced) flexible tile adhesive in white.

ProSuper Grip (high grab acrylic) wall tile adhesive. Ready Mixed.


Ultra Tile Fix Leicester
Kerakoll Leicester

Grout and silicone

We have a selection of grout to choose from to accompany your tiles in a range of colours. 


Fugabella Colour- decorative resin cement for grouting. Available in a range of colours. Suitable for porcelain and ceramic tiles, low-thickness slabs and natural stone. Easy to clean and maintain, suitable for underfloor heating systems, eliminates the risk of salt and lime efflorescence formation.

Silicone colour- decorative sealant for tiles and mosaic in multiple colours. Anti-mould, resistant to freezing, high chromatic stability and ideal to seal porcelain and ceramic tiles.


UltraTile ProGrout Flexible- designed for areas where movement or vibration is likely. Polymer has been added to the formulation to increase flexibility and to provide a virtually impermeable set. UltraTile ProGrout Flexible is suitable for joint widths up to 20mm. Designed for use with all tile types. Available in: white, grey, mid-grey, jasmine, beige, charcoal, silver-grey, taupe, brown, cream, black and limestone. 

ProSealer- Ideal for kitchen and bathroom appliances, resistant to UV, internal and external use, enhanced body and elasticity. Available in colours to match grout.

Accessories and tools

We offer a range of tools and accessories in our Sapcote store. Some of which are (but not limited to):

Tilerite Trims in a range of sizes from 8mm to 12mm, in plastic and metal. They are available in a range of colours.


We also stock Rubi tools and accessories. In our store we provide: spacers, Rubi cutters, diamond wheel blades, high speed blades, diamond drill-bits, tape tape-measures and angle grinders.


We offer: Trowels, bucket scoops, hydro sponges, wash buckets, thermaboard sealing tape, grout floats, door bar trims, mitre block, screws. 

We also provide backboard and anti-fracture matting (Bio Tech) and Lev Tech tile levelling systems.

Rubi Leicester
Tile Rite Leicester
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